• Iran is one of the few countries in the world that in addition to rich and spectacular tourist destinations for Iranian and foreign tourists, the road routes between it also have special attractions.

  • In order to know how each word in a sentence is working the first step is to identify its part of speech in a sentence and although it may look easy at first, it is trickier that what you may thing. In this article I am going to talk about how to identify each part of speech based on easy and concrete rules. It is important to mention that this may apply to other languages but I write it only with English language in mind.

  • Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjami Netanyahu for his video message on water shortage in Iran, stressing that the country does not need Israel's technologies for water treatment.

  • Workers and activists marked May Day on Tuesday with traditional rallies to demand their government address labour and employment issues.

  • Iran should strengthen ties with Russia and China to counter the tougher stance expected from the United States after President Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as national security adviser, a senior member of Iran’s Parliament was quoted as saying on Saturday.

  • In the 1st Conference of Knowledge-based Economy and Innovation Entrepreneurs;

    ILNA: Describing knowledge as the base for wealth, power, and national security, President Rouhani said: “Knowledge-based companies link science with life, and culture with economy.

  • President in a meeting with visiting Indonesian Foreign Minister:

    President Hassan Rouhani underlined on the use of Iran and Indonesia existing capacities and potentialities to develop the mutual ties and to start an economic interaction between the two countries.

  • President Rouhani in the arrival ceremony of the bodies of the Mina incident victims:

    President in a ceremony held to honour Mina victims' arrival in the country, stressed on the rapid identification of the sacred bodies of the deceased in Mina tragedy, said: "Government would diligently pursue the case of Mina tragedy and will not forget the blood of the nations' beloveds".