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​Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea raised the slogan “Everything for the people, everything by relying on them!” as the fundamental requirement of the activities of the state.

He spares nothing for the people’s happiness and regards that there is no more urgent emergency for the state than when people are in distress.

In the DPRK, even in the difficult situation, undertakings aimed at giving fuller play to the advantages of the socialist education system and socialist healthcare system are being under way; many wonderful schoolchildren’s camps, cultural resorts, hospitals, baby homes, orphanages and modern dwelling houses have been built in good places.

The political, military, economic, cultural and moral fields serve the people and only people-oriented things are being encouraged.

Kim Jong Un’s ennobling sense of mission is the fundamental source for glorifying the DPRK as a dignified country of the people.

He has cherished an ennobling sense of duty that he should be responsible for the destiny of the people entrusted to him by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and the unshakeable faith that he could not live without them. With such ennobling sense of duty, he does not hesitate to go to the frontline at the risk of his life and continues his field guidance despite heavy snowfall and sultry weather. No matter how serious mistakes one makes, Kim Jong Un boldly trusts him or her if he finds in him or her an iota conscience. In this country one can find orphans but no one who is outside the concern of the state, outside the policies of the people’s government, or who worries about his or her future.

Kim Jong Un’ ardent passion for providing his people with conditions for a more affluent and civilized life as early as possible constitutes the driving force that accelerates the advance of the country. As early as possible is the expression he enjoys using and regards as his iron rule in the work for bringing the people’s happiness into bloom. He pushes ahead with the work for improving the people’s standard of living at the highest possible speed. Legendary speeds and world-startling miracles are being created one after another, changing things yesterday and today, morning and evening, at the grand construction sites such as those of Samjiyon County and the Wonsan Kalma coast resort.

Cherishing the belief that his people should stand on the peak admired by the world, Kim Jong Un leads them to create everything at the world level. When he inspected the light-industry factories, he, unhappy with the poor-quality consumer goods, took proactive measures for improving the quality; when he visited a construction site, he personally drew a design to enlighten the relevant officials. Thanks to his burning desire, many light-industry and other factories, which would contribute to improving the people’s living standards, have been built, or renovated, and they are turning out commodities which are favoured by the people.


Kim Jong Un’s outstanding leadership abilities are a decisive guarantee for translating the Korean people’s desire for a thriving country into reality. It is the centuries-old desire of the Korean people to lead a dignified life in a powerful country. Kim Jong Un is the leader of practical abilities; he knows what he has to do to defend and develop the country, and to provide the people with a dignified and happy life. With these leadership abilities he always takes the initiative and achieves victories even in the rapidly-changing situation, overcomes all trials by enlisting the people, and achieves miraculous successes on the strength of science and technology by attaching importance to them. He had the strongest possible national defence capability built in such a short period of time thus ensuring that the strategic position of the country was raised remarkably. Now the DPRK is creating a new spirit and speed of the times under the banner of self-reliance, and is seething with the passion for scientific and technological competition to beat the world.

The Korean people’s trust in their leader is neither a blind following nor a worship of his official position or authority; it is a boundless admiration and absolute trust in his outstanding leadership abilities.

As Kim Jong Un leads them, the Korean people will surely build a powerful socialist country, an ideal socialist land, admired by the world. This is the unshakeable faith of the Korean people.


Kim Jong Un
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