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There are many key battlegrounds during this British general election, however, not many will be more keenly contested than Scotland.

The Scottish National Party will be looking to extend their dominance to strengthen their argument for Scottish Independence.

The conservatives will need to hold on to the seats they won in 2017 if they are going to have a chance of securing a majority and delivering Brexit.

Labor will be hoping to claw back many of the seats the party first lost to the SNP in 2015.

Some feel that the labor party might get punished in Scotland because they have been too ambiguous on the Brexit question and the question of a referendum on Scottish independence.

They might in some of the traditional labor heartlands in the west on the other hand because they are so you know they are sitting on the fence. You really don’t know what their position is.

The labor leader tried to address the latter question in his recent visit to Scotland

The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon who has strongly advocated to stop Brexit has argued that a referendum on Scottish independence takes priority and promised to formally request another independence referendum regardless of who is in 10 Downing Street after December 12th.

In and around Westminster they are calling this the Brexit general election.

And certainly what happens on 12th December might lead to another referendum but not just on membership of the European Union, but on Scottish independence too.


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