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A Lebanese journalist told ILNA news agency that the Lebanese popular movement is all about the economy, and they tie it to things like sectarianism and other things, but it's all about the economy.

Charles Jabbour who is a political activist and co-founder of human rights NGO Media against Violence said to ILNA news agency in an exclusive interview that Lebanese demand the government's resignation to cope with the current financial and economic crisis.

"Generally speaking, the protesters are aligned, that the government should resign and these mass protest will not stop until people see their demands were met," he added.

"The aim of this movement is to resign and overthrow the government and form another specialized government."

Lebanese journalist added that the current situation in Lebanon is very dangerous and this economic crisis cannot be resolved by traditional methods.

A nationwide general strike has been called across Lebanon for Monday as protests, demanding an end to economic woes and perceived government corruption, are set to continue for a fifth day.

Protests have grown steadily across the country since people took to streets on Thursday in response to a proposed tax on WhatsApp calls and other messaging services.

Lebanon has approved reforms and the 2020 budget following five days of protests, Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced on Monday. The reforms announced also include cutting of politicians' salaries by half.


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