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​Minju Joson Monday carries an article about the people-first principle of Workers’ Party of Korea in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the occasion of its 74th founding anniversary.

The Workers’ Party of Korea has been the ruling party in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea since the first days of its founding (October 10, 1945).

The 70-odd-year history of the WPK is the history of the people-first principle, in which it has believed in the people as in heaven and served them with devotion. Having inscribed a hammer, a sickle, and a writing brush on its red flag, it has never been separated from the people, but has always advanced the revolution and construction by believing in them and by relying on their strength.


The people-first principle, the lifeblood of the WPK, is an idea of holding up the masses of the people as the most precious and powerful beings in the world, making everything serve them and solving all the problems by relying on them.

The people are the root of life of the WPK.

What it has relied on from the early days of its founding were not a few individual officials nor the parties of its large neighbouring countries. In the whirlwind of history it has trusted the people alone, and they have been its faithful supporters, advisers and assistants. They have infused the WPK with inexhaustible strength and courage and always supported it, sharing weal and woe with it, in braving harsh trials of history by dint of their unyielding willpower in every grave decade decisive of victory or defeat in the revolution.

As there were the people who support it absolutely and faithfully, the WPK has always been unshakable in the turbulent world political situation, and led the socialist cause along the road of victory in the face of the tribulation of history.

It is the steadfast determination and will of the WPK to hasten final victory in unity with these people.

Today, the WPK is being further strengthened and developed into a party which has formed an integral whole with the masses under the leadership of its Chairman Kim Jong Un. The people’s support for and trust in the Party has been further consolidated as it has made selfless, devoted efforts for the benefit of the people by thoroughly applying the people-first principle to its overall work.

The masses are the source of inexhaustible strength of the WPK

The WPK has advanced not by dint of any mysterious divine power but on the strength of the Korean people who are following and safeguarding it with a single mind.

The masses are the spring of infinite wisdom; if there is an omnipotent entity in the world, it is not God but the masses–this is the cherished theory of the WPK.

For the Party, people’s demands and opinions are the starting point and yardstick in working out its lines and policies. In the whole period of leading the revolution it has, whenever it was trying to identify the course it must follow and whenever it faced grave trials, called on the people and listened to their opinions.

kim Jong un

A grand blueprint of building a powerful socialist country was unfolded in the Seventh Congress of the WPK held in May 2016. As it had a firm trust in the indomitable spiritual strength of the people strong in self-reliance and self-development, it was able to choose the way to building a powerful nation with confidence in the victorious future.

The reality of the DPRK where the WPK’s politics of loving the people is enforced attracts the admiration of the international community.


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