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Minju Joson, newspaper of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Sunday carries an article about the feats Chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jong Il performed for the unity of the country on the occasion of the day when he started working at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (19 June 1964).

In the DPR, Korea Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) is held up as eternal General Secretary of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea. He put forward single-hearted unity as the revolutionary philosophy of the WPK and laid a solid ideological and theoretical foundation for achieving the victory of the Korean revolution.

Having advanced the Juche-oriented principle on a socio-political organism, he elucidated the revolutionary philosophy of single-hearted unity: leader is the top brain in a socio-political community and is the centre of its unity.

He also threw a new light upon the army’s pivotal position and leading role in implementing the revolutionary cause, and led the efforts to achieve the single-hearted unity of the revolutionary ranks, with the Korean People’s Army as the solid core and main force, and a harmonious whole of the Party, army and the people. Under his seasoned leadership, the people and army of the country assisted each other, ushering in a new golden age of army-people unity. This resulted in the foundations of the country consolidated as never before.

He viewed the service personnel as his revolutionary comrades sharing his ideology and purpose. He visited wherever his soldiers were, bestowing trust and affection on them. Thanks to his leadership, the integral whole of the Party, army and people was formed; they shared weal and woe with one another in whatever circumstances and the great army-people unity was consolidated with the army as the solid core and main force.

On the strength of this single-hearted unity he achieved one success after another in the effort to build a socialist power.

With a lofty aim to make his country rank among world powers, he upheld the banner of building a socialist power when the country was facing the harshest trials. He took courageous actions for implementing the gigantic cause of everlasting significance by dint of single-hearted unity.

Now the country has an ideological and political instrument and military strength to defend its socialist system, and the people are convinced that it is not so long before they will achieve economic prosperity.

Kim Jong Il developed the revolutionary ranks into an elite force modelled after the army.

In the DPRK the army is a force unsurpassed in ideological awareness, sense of organization and combat efficiency, and steadfast in the spirit of carrying out the leader’s instructions unto death.

Kim Jong Il led the army to play the role as the main force of the revolution that is responsible for defending the country and as a shock brigade for socialist construction; it took the lead in performing brilliant feats of labour on all the fronts where a socialist power was being built.

He had the army achieve breakthroughs in the challenging sectors of key importance, ensuring that civilians emulate its spirit of defying death to implement Party policy. Such mode of leadership was fundamental to overcoming all manner of difficulties and trials by the concerted efforts of the army and the people and accelerating their advance.

In the course of the struggle to smash the imperialists’ isolate-and-stifle schemes and persistent economic blockade and open a new avenue for building a powerful country, the viability of the country’s single-hearted unity was proved in full. By virtue of this unity, the Korean people could gain such valuable fruitions as large hydraulic power stations, salt works, hi-tech plants, and stockbreeding and poultry bases, all built or renovated when the country was undergoing the severest difficulties.

Though small in territory and population, the country brought about an epochal turn in all sectors for developing itself into a socialist power.

As in the past, so in the future, single-hearted unity will be a source of invincible might for the country and its lifeblood. 



Kim Jong Il
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