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After United States withdraws from Afghanistan, we negotiate with the Afghan government, Suhail Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman told ILNA news agency.

“There is some progress on the two main issues but still needs discussions to be finalized,” Shaheen said.

Taliban political spokesman said U.S. force left in Afghanistan would be a “red line,” as it would be residual from occupation.

He said that the main goal of peace talks is to ultimately lead to full-scale peace in Afghanistan.

The Taliban and US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad have met repeatedly in the Qatari capital Doha in recent months in a bid to finally end Afghanistan's gruelling war. The US and Taliban delegates wrapped up their sixth round of peace talks with “some progress” made on a draft agreement for when foreign troops might withdraw from Afghanistan.

"In the sixth round of peace talks, which has recently been completed, some issues have been debated again and some issues have been resolved, but some differences have not been discussed and are scheduled to be discussed in the seventh round," Shaheen added.

He continued "The main debate is still the withdrawal of U.S. military from Afghanistan, but other than that, there are some "Textual terms" in the documents that they were re-reviewed again."

Answering to this question that "Taliban has a special strategy on combating terrorism (especially Daesh)", he said: "The question is repeated several times in different ways and I repeat again that we do not allow any group to use Afghan soil against other countries.

Referring to the drug production in Afghanistan, he added that our policy in this case is quite obvious. We are looking to get the drug production to zero, but our effort alone is not enough.

About 17,000 foreign troops, including a contingent of some 14,000 US soldiers, are based in Afghanistan as part of a US-led NATO mission to train, assist and advise Afghan forces. Some US forces also carry out "counterterrorism" operations.


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