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In most countries of the world, the army is regarded as a consuming unit, and its role is confined to territorial defence and rescue in case of calamity. However, unlike these armies, the Korean People’s Army of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea plays an important role in all fields of national defence, economic construction and spiritual and cultural life, bringing benefits to the people. Hence its name People’s Army.

Since its founding (February 8, 1948), the KPA has reliably defended the security of the country and the people.

A typical example was shown in the course of the Korean war (1950-1953).

During the war the KPA soldiers displayed peerless heroism.

The two-year-old KPA defeated the numerical and technical superiority of the imperialist invaders by means of strategic and tactical superiority and safeguarded the freedom and independence of the country and the people. During the war the title of Hero of the Republic was awarded to 584 soldiers, the title of Labour Hero to 20 persons and the title of Guards to 13 army units.

The KPA is now demonstrating its might as a powerful army which defends reliably the people-centred socialist system and the security of the people.

It is also making an important contribution to economic construction, aimed at achieving the country’s prosperity and people’s happiness.

In general, an army is a byname of war and destruction, but in the DPRK the army is a byname of creation and construction. The KPA soldiers have developed many coal and ore mines, and built power stations, factories and other enterprises, schools, hospitals and theatres for the development of the country. They also erected the Pyongyang Subway, deepest in the world, and the 8km-long West Sea Barrage, the ranking monumental structure in the country.

In the closing years of the last century, when a hair-trigger situation was created owing to the incessant military threat and provocations by the hostile forces, the KPA soldiers not only safeguarded the defence lines of the country but also turned the famous mountains and scenic spots into cultural resorts for the people. The construction of the Anbyon Youth Power Station, one of the largest-ever projects in the history of construction of the country, was undertaken in these days.

In recent years, too, they are performing feats of labour at major construction sites for building a powerful socialist nation, setting up modern bases for cultural and leisure activities, producing quality consumer goods, developing high-yielding strains for farming, and landing a huge haul of fish.

In November 2018, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the fishing stations of the People’s Army situated on the east coast. Highly appreciating their labour feats, he expressed his expectation and confidence that in the future, too, they would play the role of pioneer in improving the diet of the people and soldiers.


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