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Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea enjoys recognition and trust of the world as a world-class leader.

Special Favour Accorded by Xi Jinping

In March 2018 Kim Jong Un visited China as his first visit to a foreign country.

During stay in Beijing that lasted one night and two days, President Xi Jinping of China met his DPRK counterpart six times. In the modern history of China, Xi was the first general secretary of the Communist Party of China to meet a visiting foreign head of state six times in two days. Commentators said: In recent years China had accorded official reception and convention to visiting heads of state–not only the US and Russia, superpowers, but also France and Germany; but participating in the ceremony of welcoming the DPRK leader were Xi Jinping and most of the other persons in the leadership position of China.

Foreign newspapers reported: The hospitality accorded by the Chinese leadership to Kim Jong Un on his visit to China surpassed the hospitality accorded to a foreign head of state on an official visit; Xi Jinping-led Chinese leadership arranged an official ceremony unprecedented in Chinese diplomacy after its election; Kim Jong Un enjoyed ‘a reception appropriate to an emperor’ everywhere he went, like being guided by Xi Jinping and his wife.

When Kim Jong Un visited China again the following month, Xi Jinping, free from diplomatic convention and formalities, went as far as Dalian and had a meeting with his DPRK counterpart in a candid and unusually friendly atmosphere.

The “special guard” China accorded to the DPRK leader for his personal safety during the DPRK-US Singapore summit struck the world with wonder. The Chinese side made a charter plane available for his trip and had a squadron of fighters escort the charter plane.

Praise by Putin

Vladimir Putin is called a “strong leader” by world politicians as he is now leading Russia for the second time after the implosion of the Soviet Union.

The former KGB officer, unwilling to reveal his emotions easily, is accustomed to approaching every matter with coolness and prudence. As the leader of a power, his self-pride is so great that he is sparing with praising leaders of other countries including big ones.

But during a recent press conference, he spoke highly of the strategic achievement made by the DPRK for the development of the world political situation, calling the DPRK leader a “statesman quick in judgment, quite resourceful, refined and seasoned” and a “leader whom I am most desirous of meeting with.”

Declaration by Trump

Donald Trump is called the most unpredictable one among the US presidents.

But during the epochal Singapore summit, he was completely fascinated by the magnificent personalities and words, thoroughgoing transparency and sincerity displayed by Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of the DPRK. The crucial determination and measures of goodwill Kim Jong Un had made before the summit talks, like dismantling nuclear test site, and the bold and proactive peace measures he had taken for the defence of peace in the Korean peninsula and the rest of the world moved the US president greatly.

For Trump, Kim Jong Un was a new-type, brilliant leader whom he had never met before. The DPRK leader’s open-hearted, historic first words during the one-on-one talks, that they were once hostage to the past and had their eyes and ears covered by ingrained prejudice and practices, but they had braved it out and were now here at the new starting point, moved Trump, who had been obsessed with the long-lasting mistrust and denial; Trump gave a thumbs-up sign on the spot.

Foreign media reported: Trump had so far never given a thumbs-up to anybody, including foreign heads of state; it seems Kim Jong Un’s first words touched his heartstrings; Kim Jong Un fully displayed the image of a world-class politician from the beginning.

At press conferences and interviews he had with foreign mass media after signing the joint statement, Trump said: I trust Chairman Kim Jong Un; had I not trusted him, I would not have signed the joint statement; he is a skilful negotiator and a very strategic man; none out of  100 000 political leaders of the world can do such things already at that age; he is an outstanding and wonderful negotiator possessed of great personalities, a very talented man, a man who loves his country very much.

Kim Jong Un
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