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North Korean paper Minju Joson Monday describes diplomacy of leader Kim Jong Un as sagacious one.

The unique mode of diplomacy employed by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is drawing increasing attention from the international community.


A characteristic feature of his diplomacy is its speed. He realized six rounds of summits–three with the Chinese president, two with the south Korean president and one with the US president–at a lightning speed from March to June 2018, producing such historic result as the adoption of the Panmunjom inter-Korean joint declaration and DPRK-US Joint Statement.

The vigorous mode of diplomacy of carrying out at a lightning speed what he had planned whatever the difficulties by dint of steadfast will and drive has struck the world with wonder.

As for his successful conclusion of the whole course of the Singapore summit–35 minutes of one-on-one talks, 67 minutes of enlarged talks, 50 minutes of luncheon–and signing of the joint statement through perfect diplomatic skills, Western media commented that it was a super-realistic and historic event, a cataclysmic event, a world-shaking event, a summit that will remain in history books and textbooks of world history, adding that Kim Jong Un turned the one-day summit into an epochal event through unforeseeable outstanding diplomatic skills, like exceptional and open-hearted conversation, bold and unreserved behaviour, adaptation to circumstances and humour.

His diplomatic skills, based on firm standpoint and will, bold determination, transparent sincerity and unshakeable trust, were the driving force that realized the inter-Korean summits and DPRK-US summit. The Washington Post, Nation and other US media organs commented that the driving force of the summits was provided by the north Korean leader.

South Korean media reported that the summits were unprecedented events in the history of world diplomacy and typical examples of Kim Jong Un’s style of diplomacy, stressing that he was the master of diplomacy who prefers content and result to form and, when determined, solves any problem at a lightning speed, and that the world time seemed running fast without any precedent by his proactive and successive diplomatic offensive.

Kim Jong Un’s mode of diplomacy is very exceptional.

The inter-Korean summit meeting and talks at Panmunjom were exceptional and meaningful from the beginning.

None of the summit meeting had so far been held in a hot spot. With the will to put an end to the division of the nation and realize the cause of national reunification at an early date,  Kim Jong Un selected Panmunjom on the Military Demarcation Line, symbolic of national division, as a place of summit meeting and went to the place without hesitation. With the whole world gazing intently, he crossed the demarcation line and hugged President Moon Jae In of south Korea in the southern part of the MDL. This scene was followed by another historic and exceptional scene symbolic of the inter-Korean summit; the two leaders crossed and recrossed the demarcation line hand in hand, not pre-arranged but on Kim Jong Un’s proposal.

More surprising than the fact that the summit meeting was held in Panmunjom was that the two leaders took a stroll and had a meaningful talk in front of a signpost of the MDL which had been so far deserted since the Korean war. This was called a “noteworthy, fine scene which led to many analyses, imaginations and sequels,” a “very precious scene unprecedented in the history of world diplomacy.”

Mass media of south Korea, China, Russia and the US reported the Panmunjom summit as a surprising exceptional event, an unprecedented, shocking event, an event that went beyond imagination, and lightning talks at Panmunjom, adding that Kim Jong Un displayed his bold and outstanding ability of adapting to circumstances and confidence-filled appearance becoming a seasoned leader, and that he showed that the north-south relations may develop beyond imagination.

Kim Jong Un’s mode of diplomacy is very comprehensive, covering the whole world.

He met Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, in late March and Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign minister, in late May. He is expanding the scope of his diplomatic activities in a fresh method as required by the new era and new situation.

Some media organs reported Kim Jong Un is expanding the theatre of his diplomacy through full-scale external activities, and he is a strategically skilful leader.

The diplomacy of Kim Jong Un, who leads the cause of global independence and peace unbound by conventional diplomatic practices and forms, breathes a fresh air into the international community. 

Kim Jong Un
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