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Iran’s Ambassador in Moscow Kazem Jalali and Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in counter-terrorism affairs Oleg Syromolotov on Tuesday discussed certain important issues, including the fight against international terrorism, extremism, and illicit drug trafficking.

In their meeting, the two officials paid close attention to practical aspects of Iran and Russia’s cooperation in international arena.

Iran and Russia have exercised great cooperation in fighting terrorism and their officials maintain constant consultations in this regard.

The cooperation between Iran and Russia in fighting terrorism led to destruction of Daesh terrorist group in a way that a large part of Syria was released and the Syrian Army regained control of the Syrian territory.

Also in Iraq, the two countries helped the central government fight the Deash terrorists when the advanced armored equipped ISIS poised to capture Baghdad.

Iran and Russia have regular cooperation in fighting illicit drug trafficking as well. A large part of the cooperation is focused on drug-trafficking from Afghanistan. 


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