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The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei says Tehran will continue to resist the US' criminal sanctions, making Washington feel regret.

The Leader made the remarks while virtually addressing the graduation ceremony held for the cadets in the Iranian Armed Forces university complex on Monday.

In his remarks, the Leader described security as a "crucial issue" for the country. He said that the nation's valuable and significant values will be damaged in absence of security. 

Speaking about the current economic hard situation in the country, the Leader said problems can be solved through round-the-clock efforts made by the officials, effective management and concentration of domestic products.

Ayatollah Khamenei further urged all in the country not to get trapped in the US rascals' babbling.

Islamic Republic's exact and wise calculations are the reasons for the enemies' fuss over Iran's defense and missile capabilities, the Supreme Leader underlined.

They make a fuss because they are afraid and they are lagging behind when it comes to these capabilities, he stressed. 

Further, the Leader hailed the Armed Forces for serving the people not only through maintaining security but also by their presence in the scenes of emergency to help the nation. 

Then, the Supreme Leader referred to the three factors of "power of deterrence", "economic stability" and "robust cultural capabilities" as pillars of the national authority.

At the end of his remarks, the Leader stressed the need to be active and fresh in order to be successful in managing the country's affairs.

According to the Supreme Leader's official website,, commanders and certain military units were also present in the event.


The event was held in Imam Ali (pbuh) Officer’s Academy with only a number of the exemplary units from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army, Guard Corps and Police in attendance due to special conditions caused by the prevalence of Covid-19.

The following is an excerpt of the statements Imam Khamenei made in his speech in this ceremony:

"Studying in the academies of our Armed Forces is one of the noblest and valuable acts. Why? Because the Armed Forces ensure the country’s security. Security is a vital element. Without it, all other important values such as education, justice, welfare and the like are disrupted."

"In addition to ensuring security, our Armed Forces carry out other important tasks in serving the nation, both infrastructural and in the health services. In the case of COVID-19, the Armed Forces have truly come forward."


"The three pillars of Iran’s National Strength: 1) Economic stability; 2) Cultural consolidation and consistency; 3) Defense power. If nations do not have defense power, aggressors like the U.S. and others won’t leave them at ease. You can see how today some countries are attacked."

"At times enemy conceals its military threat to take by surprise, at times it exaggerates its threat 10x over to scare its target. One should see a threat in its true size. We must also identify and strengthen our own potentials. “Prepare against them what force you can,” Quran 8:60."

"These American thugs and prattlers who talk recklessly and illogically, spread propaganda about our missile facilities and regional capabilities that are in progress with precise calculations. This propaganda and commotion stem from their backwardness in rational thinking."

"We have economic problems that are all resolvable. The remedy to these problems is relying on domestic production and removing loopholes such as smuggling, reckless imports, and financial corruption. These loopholes prevent the efforts made from achieving the desired results."


Leader of the Islamic Revolution US' criminal sanctions
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