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Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will lead an economic and business delegation to China in the near future, the Chief of Presidential Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said on Wednesday.

Speaking to Iran Press on the sideline of the cabinet meeting, Vaezia also said that the 25-year agreement between China and Iran is an important deal and to be signed under the current government.

Iran and China have drafted a 25-year plan for comprehensive partnership.

In response to a question of Iran Press about the importance of the 25-year Strategic Partnership between China and Iran and whether it will be signed in the current government, said: "The document is very important for bilateral relations. It has an impact on regional issues and we hope that the deal will be finalized by the end of the current government."

He added: "Zarif will travel to China with an economic delegation in the near future and we hope to discuss the agreement in a meeting with Chinese officials."

Regarding the reinstation of sanctions against Iran by the United States, Vaezi said, "The recent actions of the United States in this regard had no political or legal basis, and it seems that if somebody has the least information about politics and economics, he will not enter a gamble that is doomed to fail."

Both US diplomats and lawyers have repeatedly acknowledged that Trump's call for reinstation of sanctions against Iran under the JCPOA agreement is baseless and that a country that withdraws from an agreement cannot invoke one of its clauses.

He also thanked the international community, the permanent members of the Security Council, European countries, especially the two friendly countries China and Russia, who he said had taken very quick and clear positions in the past month and said that these positions show that sanctions will expire in October and will not be extended.

"Everything is clear today and it seems that the trigger mechanism announced by Trump does not materialize," said the official.

The Chief of the Presidential Staff added: "I think the international community and the Security Council turned their backs on the United States by supporting the UN Security Council and Resolution 2231, and this should be a lesson for the US government not to link propaganda issues with political ones."


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