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“Trump administration’s argument that it remains a participating state after declaring that it was no longer participating in the JCPOA to be absurd,” an American journalist tells ILNA.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Jim Lobe who is the Editorial Director of Responsible Statecraft referred to the future of the Iran nuclear deal and said “It depends, among other things, on who takes office as U.S. president in January 2021, and on the degree to which the EU shows a willingness to take more risks vis-à-vis its relations with the U.S. to save the agreement.”

Referring to the recent trip of the Director-General of the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to Iran, he confirmed that it was hopeful, especially if Iran fully cooperates on the outstanding requests by the IAEA to visit the sites in question.

“If the sites are inspected to the IAEA’s satisfaction and if the report confirms that all possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear work ended in 2003 and are fully accounted for, the Israeli and U.S. cases against Iran will be substantially weakened.”

Asked about the outcome of the US election, he added that it’s impossible to predict. I think most key analysts of U.S. politics believe he will do whatever he can, including casting doubt on the validity of the election (unless he clearly wins) and inciting violence by his supporters, to remain in office.

Answering to question about “Does Iran have the right to reduce its obligations”, he said “That’s more of a political question than a legal one.”


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