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​“If Joe Biden is elected in November, I think there's a good chance he will rejoin the treaty if the other parties allow,” a professor of Political Science at University of Northern Iowa told ILNA.

In an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency, Brian Warby who is expertise in political economy and international relations said that it isn't clear to me whether the future of the JCPOA has changed. Trump is still adamantly opposed to it, but the other signatories seem to remain committed.

Referring to the US attempted to trigger a ''snapback" against Iran, he added "the US does not have the right to activate snap back measures. Those were part of the language of the treaty, and by leaving the treaty; it is effectively null and void in relation to the US."

"On the other hand, once the US leaves the treaty, the relationship between the US and Iran returns to one with poor relations, few interactions, and few real rules. In other words, there's also nothing prohibiting the US from imposing sanctions".

The U.S professor confirmed that the US was a key member of the JCPOA and by backing out and imposing sweeping sanctions against Iran, it has made it very difficult for the remaining parties to continue as before. The remaining allies have not failed to meet their obligations, strictly speaking.

Asking about the aim of Rafael Grossi recent trip to Iran, he said "It seems like a reasonable request from the IAEA and failure to comply will almost certainly raise suspicions about Iran's program."

"It doesn't appear that Grossi's trip has or will have much effect on tensions," the Foreign affairs analysts added.

Brian Warby referred to U.S sanctions against Iran and adding that it is entirely US actions that have discouraged many European and Asian investors and traders from doing business in Iran. The Europeans and Asians are doing what they committed to do, so from their perspective, Iran should meet its obligation.

"That isn't comforting to Iran, of course, because they lose business (i.e. money) either way, so from their perspective, the agreement hasn't delivered the promised returns, so it's reasonable for them to complain that treaty hasn't been fair," he said at the end.


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