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An Iranian lawmaker told ILNA news agency that America's dignity in the political arena is as high as of the “Pirates”.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, a Member of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Committee refers to some news in recent weeks about trade exchanges between Tehran and Caracas, saying that one of the habits of the US government is "Piracy", and in the case of the coronavirus disease, this became clear to the world.

He said in an exclusive interview with ILNA that the United States is well aware that it will get reciprocal response and it is not in America's interest to enter into such a dangerous game.

“Iran-Venezuela relations are perfectly legal,” added the parliamentarian.

Boroujerdi further noted that US sanctions have no legitimacy; because this sanction is not regarded in the UN Security Council.

Unconfirmed reports over the past few days have suggested that at least five Iranian vessels are transporting fuel to Venezuela. Reports suggest four US Navy warships are in the Caribbean for a 'possible confrontation with Iran's tankers'.

Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General and warned him over the US moves to send the navy to the Caribbean with the intention of interfering and disrupting Iran's fuel shipments to Venezuela.

Subsequently, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyed Abbas Araghchi summoned the Swiss Ambassador as the interests section of the US government in Iran and called for conveying to the US a serious warning of Iranian authorities about any possible US threat against Iranian tankers.

A senior official in President Donald Trump's administration told Reuters News Agency last week the US was considering measures it could take in response to Iran's shipment of fuel to crisis-stricken Venezuela.

The oil sectors of Iran and Venezuela, members of OPEC, are both under U.S. sanctions. The Trump administration official declined to specify the measures being weighed but said options would be presented to Trump.


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