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An associate professor at the Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore believes that COVID-19 shows how weak, backward and out of touch a leader like Trump can be.

Bilveer Singh who is an International Relations Professor had an interview with ILNA news agency about the spread of the coronavirus and its effects on the international world; he says “This will lead to China’s domination”. Adding that unjust system will not survive and instead of talking about the US’s injustices, we should sidestep the US and move on to a new order at the expense of the US and its cronies. He received his Ph.D. in International Relations from the Australian National University and teaches courses on International Relations and Comparative Politics. His research focus is on national and regional security issues focusing on Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, the role of great powers in Southeast Asia, and issues relating to Islamist extremism and terrorism in Southeast Asia.

He has published widely, his latest work is on the Rohingyas in Myanmar. Currently, Singh is the President of the Political Science Association of Singapore. Here is the full interview with Bilveer Singh, a Singapore citizen, who currently teaches at the Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore:


Q: Most global analysts believe that the world will face new conditions after the end of the coronavirus crisis. I would like to know what you think about the new world order.

A: The Covid-19 virus situation is bad; it is yet to flatten out esp. in the Western World; the US is the worst-hit; most infections and deaths, among the worst deaths for the US in Vietnam War. Hence, it is the worst pandemic of late for the West, esp. the US. Every country is suffering but many countries like the US, are using the COVID-19 crisis to politicize and securitize the disease to put pressure on governments like Iran and China; this is unfortunate, inhuman and I am sure will backfire; what is interesting is that the COVID-19 may also signal the fast collapsing Western world and during times like these, it is better to seek friends and allies, and not enmity. Eventually, the US will reap what it sows. People, especially Americans will also ask – what happened: Trump was to Make American Great Again – but with COVID-19, it shows how weak, backward, and out of touch a leader like Trump can be. Instead of finding solutions to the worse pandemic for the US in recent decades, he still wants to play politics and use it to become president again; he is a very dangerous and irresponsible man. Sometimes many believe Allah sent the virus to show Americans what is wrong with Trump and his policies. Sanctions under these conditions make no sense – but then again, what can you expect from a fast declining and backward and reversing former superpower like the US.


Q: China urges relevant parties to immediately lift unilateral sanctions against Iran. Why Trump administration unwilling to take steps to lower tensions?

A: China is powerful and my sense is all of us should develop bilateralism with China; we can have 2 international systems: one, a multilateral one developed since 1945; but it is also time to undercut this non-functioning and dysfunctional global system through a new modus operandi and that is through a China-centric global order; if people say, this will lead to China’s domination; then tell me, what are u having today; the US, and Western-dominated system that is not functioning and the West and US, in particular, uses it for its own domestic purposes and hurt people like in Iran, Syria, China, etc. Unjust systems will not survive and instead of talking about the US’s injustices, we should sidestep the US and move on to a new order at the expense of the US and its cronies. Let’s not shed tears about what is wrong with the current system; it is better to do something about it and get moving; China is a life-time opportunity to move forward with Russia and possibly India as its other legs.


Q: How hard US sanctions have hit Iranian ordinary people?

A: Sanctions hurt the targeted country’s politics, economics, and social order, and health is one of these, but this is mean and inhuman. I wonder if the US is sanctioned tomorrow, only then will it learn what it means; now it knows what COVID-19 can do; tomorrow it will be something worse and then only the US and its people will learn the lesson and moral – don’t do to others what u don’t want others to do to you.


Q: U.S congressmen try to convince Trump to lift sanction but we see no change in his decision.

A: The US is beholden to Israel and many American leaders do not have the guts to opt for reasonable relations with Iran. This is because if it has done, then hawks like Nethanyu and his American cronies and the many Jewish lobbies will go after these American leaders through the mass media, academics, financial agencies, and even Hollywood – all dominated by the Jewish lobby. Hence, lifting of sanctions can only be done if the US is hurt somehow; you must act and think like Soleimani rather than talk about what is wrong; the US will always wrong you.


Q: As you know, Iran is not able to buy essential medicines and medical equipment. Iran’s administration is expecting much help from Europe over this. How can other countries help Iran in this regard?

A: We all know this – you need to find friends like China and Russia and hope the world will listen to reason.


Q: What is your idea about recent tension in Persian Gulf and US claims about threats against the US. Do current tensions increase the possibility of war?

A: This is US war-mongering; a bankrupt state like the US has no stomach for war; it will collapse sooner than you can imagine; it has not won a major war for a long time and it is unlikely to do so with Iran; assassination Soleimani has not benefitted the US; now the situation is worse and eventually the U.S will be forced to exit from the Middle East.

It is part of Trump’s gunboat diplomacy; he is losing on almost every front; he wanted to build a wall to stop Mexicans entering the US; today, the Mexicans do not want Americans in Mexico due to COVID-19. Tell me, what the US has to offer the world except for toxins – bad politics, bad economics, bad military policies, and even bad social policies of White Supremacist. The US is fast declining and like a snake that has been hurt, it is struggling to live but having great difficulties; it wants to show it is still great but it is not; even its aircraft carrier group was hit by COVID-19. It is a sad state of affairs for the US and to keep up the pretense it is still great, it tries to display its military power, esp. when it has cronies like Israel, the feudal Persian Gulf States led by the Saudis, etc. It is a pathetic power today.


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