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“US sanctions have hindered the Iranian medical response,” ” a Political science professor at Department of Political Science and International Studies told ILNA.

William Lucas who is Professor of International Politics said in an exclusive interview that US sanctions have hindered the Iranian medical response, not through a direct ban on medicines and supplies. Instead, the complexity of the sanctions has affected the ability to make financial transactions for the necessary items.

He confirmed that but the sanctions --- which are not directly connected to coronavirus, given the lack of a cure/vaccine at this point --- are not the central challenge for the belated attempt to limit the virus.

 The political analyst pointed to the spread of the coronavirus in all worlds and said “Iran authorities delayed vital action in the first days after knowledge of the coronavirus spreading through Qom.”

“The outcome of the inaction and lack of information was a rapid spread of coronavirus, without either the medical preparations or the guidelines for social distancing,” he added.

William Lucas said “Instead, Iranian officials must accept that they are the frontline in the effort and they must be honest and transparent with the public about the state of the illness."

Deputy Minister of health, treatment, and medical education said that cases of coronavirus infections declined in 16 Iranian provinces on Tuesday, as the number of those infected stood between zero and 20.

It was for the first time over the past months that the number of deaths in the country fell below 100 and this is the main achievement, he said.


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