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“The pro-Israel and pro-Jewish hawks around Trump will continue to champion maximum pressure but no war with Iran; hence, this policy will continue, Iran will suffer but the US cannot win either,” Associate Professor Bilveer Singh told.

In an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency, the associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the National University of Singapore said “I think if the US begins to think for itself and stop relying on Tel Aviv to lead the US on Iran and Middle East policy, the region will be much stable and safer.

“The keystone problem is Israel and its Zionist-driven policy and as long as the US acts as the mother of this Zionist regime, there will be no real rapprochement between Tehran and Washington so the US just needs to get out of Israel’s shadow for its own good,” he confirmed.

Answering to question about if talks with the US government are fruitful, he said that Iran is a good punching bag for Trump and hence I don’t think as long as he is president, anyone will see any forward movement in relations.

“So Iran should stop hoping for a breakthrough in relations with the US as long as Trump is in white house,” Singh added.

Referring to EU's recent policies against the United States, the international relations specialist from Singapore emphasized that Europe has longs lost its independence after the Second World War; politically, diplomatically, economically and militarily depends on The US.

“So it is too obvious why European may say something but incapable of doing anything that is independent of Washington,” he said.

He pointed to the spread of coronavirus in the world and added that the US has been hit by COVID-19 and so is Iran. Today the US is struggling to address the issue and while from the humanitarian view, the US should lift the sanctions but real politics dictated that these sanctions remain as they want to bring about regime collapse in Iran.

The associate professor in the Department of Political Science said “They are hoping that Iran can be occupied politically and economically as happing after the 1953 coup in Iran.”

“So the US will not lift the sanctions as politics dictate so, and they mistakenly believe they are winning the war against Iran,” he added.


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