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“Iran's fifth step does not mean Iran is fully withdrawing the nuclear deal,” said a senior analyst at Tehran's Center for Strategic Studies Diako Hosseini told ILNA news agency.

Speaking to ILNA correspondent, the director of the world studies program at the Center for Strategic Studies said that it would have been publicly stated that we had withdrawn from JCPOA (known as a 2015 nuclear deal), but Iran said it will remain in the deal.

“Since the European side did not fulfill any of its obligations, Iran's fifth step had to be implemented.”

 He added that Iran is still acting within the framework of the deal so Iran nuclear deal is still in existence.

“We are not seeking a new deal on Iran's nuclear activities,” the Iranian expert confirmed.

The U.S. has chosen “bullying and force” in its approach to Iran rather than engaging with respect, said Diako Hosseini.

Tehran announced early on Monday that it would no longer abide by the uranium enrichment restrictions it agreed in 2015.

Iranian state media reported that the country’s nuclear programme will now be based solely on its “technical needs”, but it also said that the country would continue to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency and it could return to the deal if sanctions are lifted and its interests are respected.


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