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“U.S pressure has strengthened the hard liners in Iran and hurt the moderates,” A Political Science professor at Rice University Richard Stoll told ILNA.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, the U.S professor refers to relations between Iran and U.S and said that Trump believes that a hardline strategy will produce results. From his perspective this will happen; it just hasn’t happened yet.  So, he will stick with this strategy.

“But so far this has happened behind the scenes and has not produced a visible change in Iranian foreign and defense policy.”

Asked about Iran's economic problems, he added that I think the only way to reduce problems is to take actions that reduce the sanctions that Western countries have put on Iran.  But this would involve changing policies that I believe are important to Iran so I don’t think it is likely to happen unless the hardliners have their influence reduced.

“The membership of FATF consists of most of the important countries in the world.  It would help Iran if it changed its behavior so FATF no longer felt it was financing terrorism.”

the U.S professor said “Both Iran and those states that oppose it have to believe that all parties are sincerely trying to find solutions to the problems.  But I don’t believe that this is the case now.”

Richard Stoll confirmed that prisoner swap would have a positive effect but there needs to be progress on other issues to make real progress.

“I think both countries – at least those people who have a strong influence in their country’s policies – are committed to their current policies.  I don’t see much changing,” he added.


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