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"Chinese and Iranian officials holding regular meetings to counter U.S sanctions," Chinese Ambassador to Iran Chang Hua told ILNA news agency.

Speaking to ILNA economic correspondent, he said that we are currently negotiating to resolve the financial and banking problem; adding that we have agreed with Iran on a number of issues, but because of US sanctions we have to divulge details.

"Banking transactions are a closely held secret."

The ambassador said it was better for both Iran and China to keep their banking ties confidential while insisting that banking issues were still the key obstacle in the way to strengthening economic relations between the two countries.

I have been serving as the Ambassador of the Republic of China to Iran for 6 months and my most important mission is to expand the relations between the two countries in all areas," he confirmed.

Hua said "China has several times reiterated support for the nuclear deal and opposed the US position in this regard."

He further noted that so we take necessary measures to find the right path for mentioning the banking issues between the two countries.

Last week, he noted that in recent years the two countries have announced plans for increasing bilateral trade, saying “To achieve this goal, the two countries must benefit from comprehensive and strategic assistance in the sense that the two sides not only cooperate in politics and economy but also increase their cooperation in the cultural, military and health spheres as well."


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