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The key advisor to the Canadian government believes “Iran can expand its relations with Asian countries such as Turkey and Pakistan to solve economic problems.”

Julian Schofield who is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Concordia University in Canada said that Iran should improve its internal economy by creating a jury-legal system. In an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency, the key advisor to the Canadian government and intelligence services on Pakistan added “Iran must increase its cooperation with countries in Asia.” He is the author of Militarization and War.

Here you can read the full interview with Schofield that his research focuses on security and strategic studies in south and Southeast Asia:


Q: As first question, how can the Iranian government reduce the impact of US sanctions?

A: States don't have to trade with Iran: Iran should address the issue by improving its internal economy by creating a jury-legal system, creating an agency to root out corruption, liberalize business regulation issues, and invest aggressively in education to improve technology access to attain anarchy in energy extraction. Also stop harassing Saudi Arabia. 


Q: you mean that Iran must increase its relations with other countries?

A: Develop trade with Europe, and especially India and China and Russia, and improve relations with Pakistan.


Q: Do you believe that Iran recent nuclear policy will continue?

A: I imagine Iran will put pressure on the West again.


Q: What is your advice to the Iranian government to reduce tensions in the region?

A: Start a dialogue with Saudi and Pakistan and Turkey, and never stop.


Q: In last month, we have witnessed protests in Iran. The Trump administration supported the Iranian people. Is this support in opposition to sanctions?

A: The Iranian people want less public corruption, more representation, so you need to increase legal transparency to target rent seekers. Very basic steps.


Q: Issuing such statements does not mean interfering in the internal affairs of countries?

A: Yes, because democracies will seek to undermine non-liberal democratic regimes, and its easy for them because non-liberal democratic regimes almost always suffer from corruption.


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