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UN-Habitat Officer-in-Charge Mehmet Emin Akdogan told ILNA that at the beginning of imposing sanctions against Iran, there were problems for the UN but gradually we resolved it.

Speaking to ILNA correspondent, he pointed to suburban growth in Tehran due to US sanctions and said “Marginalization in Tehran has increased; the fundamental problem is how to analyze this problem and then it becomes easier to find a solution.”  

“This is a very important point that the United Nations and the Iran’s government are working on.”

Mehmet Akdogan added that UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction was established in Iran last year. So our goal is to have an executive plan for people living in informal and vulnerable settlements.

“We worked very hard because of the entry of foreign currency in Iran was a major challenge, but fortunately we gradually resolved it.”

UN-Habitat Officer-in-Charge said that 20% of Tehran city has informal settlements which are a major threat when an earthquake strikes.

“United Nations is ready to help Iran,” he added.

UN official confirmed health and medical care are very important to the UN, so we are working very hard for Iran to have no problems for providing its drugs and medical equipment.


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