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Foreign Minister said Iran understands Turkey's demand to improve the security situation, but the security can not be achieved through aggression and armed invasion of Syria.

In an interview with Turkish state television (TRT), broadcasted on Friday, Mohammad Javad Zarif said the Islamic Republic of Iran has offered Turkey better options.

He added: "The Adana agreement remains valid and Iran is ready to mediate between the Kurds, the Turkish government and Syria to assign the border security to the Syrian army in cooperation with the Turkish government."

Zarif added that pursuing the Adana agreement is a better way to achieve security.

 Responding to a question from a TAR reporter about Iran's eventual demand in Syria, Zarif said six years ago he met with former Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in New York and offered him a four-stage cease-fire plan consisting of immediate ceasefire, formation of a comprehensive government, Syrian-Syrian dialogue and elections.

Zarif emphasized,"Iran continues to call for Syria-Syria dialogue, constitutional revision and holding of elections in 2021, which is the legal time for the next Syrian presidential election."

said the formation of the Syrian Constitutional Review Committee is very important and should be followed by serious measures, including reducing tension.


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