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Government spokesman Ali Rabiei on Monday expressed deep concern about loss of life in Iraq over the past few days in Iraqi unrest, saying that it is deplorable that at a time when the Iraqis were preparing for Arbaeen congregation, such a tragedy took place in Iraq.

The Iraqi government has said that there has been no clash between the people and the security forces of Iraq and that the crime has been committed by some opportunists, said Ali Rabiei in his weekly press conference.

He also urged the people of Iraq to find democratic and legal means to place their demands from their Government.

The people of Iraq are wise and mature enough to solve their problems and are definitely able to do that, he said, adding that the path to solve the problem is unity around religious leaders of the country.

"Iran, as always, is ready to stand by its Iraqi brothers and sisters and to provide any kind of help they may need," Adding "No poisonous propaganda can separate the people of Iran and Iraq."

The spokesman of the Government of Iran also said that expansion of relations with neighboring countries is the priority of Iran and President Hassan Rouhani's presence at the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, was in the same framework.

Rabiei said that Iran has had preferential trade with the EAEU since four years ago and will eventually sign a free trade agreement with the six member states with a total 200 million population.

He said the agreement between the EAEU and Iran will be implemented as of October 27.

According to this agreement, 5,002 items will have fixed or zero tariffs, which can have a noticeable effect on Iranian trade with the EAEU member states, he said, adding that the interactions are not limited to the six countries of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.

The trilateral meeting between Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran, we had great achievements toward convergence, including making North-South railroads.

Regarding Iran's regional neighbors, especially the Persian Gulf states, he said that Iran's goal is expansion of ties with every neighboring and regional country, especially the coastal states of the Persian Gulf.


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