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An American anthropologist believes that it is likely that Trump knows very little about either Iran or nuclear power, and probably does not care very much.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Riall Nolan who worked in international development for about twenty years, added "But in criticizing the nuclear deal, he achieves two things: Trump makes himself look strong and decisive, and he reduces Obama’s accomplishments.

"The decision to scrap the nuclear agreement also plays into the hands of some of our most hawkish politicians and administrators (such as Bolton), so Trump picks up support there as well. It’s not really about Iran, at base. It’s about our own internal politics.

Asked about White House officials have repeatedly accused some countries of supporting terrorism but why have [they] refused to take a punitive stance against Saudi Arabia in the murder of a Saudi journalist, he said "Jamal Khashoggi could actually be said to be a US journalist, because he had, as I understand it, a green card, and was working for the Washington Post. I don’t think it’s a mystery as to why countries (including my own) accuse other countries (such as yours) of terrorism, and sometimes, those accusations seem to be accurate ones.

"Some say it’s oil, but others say it is because Trump himself – or some member of Trump’s family -- benefits in some way (financially) from a good relationship," Nolan said.

Referring to US sanction against Iran, he added I don’t believe in sanctions, in most cases. Sanctions, such as those applied to Iran by the US, are different from embargoes, or from tariffs, or (again) from prohibitions on trade in certain goods.

"Small people suffer, while the bigger and more powerful ones do not, but it is the future which is the most impacted. Sanctions often have the effect of weakening the national economy, driving inflation up, rendering money less valuable. And so there is less money for schoolchildren, and for children’s health, and all of those things. This kind of situation does not go in a good direction for anyone.

Answering to question about the future of Iran-US relations, he said "For as long as the US has Trump, Iran will have problems; you are an easy target for him, and you have no real ways to push back."

Nolan added that anything that you might do militarily would have bad consequences for both our countries. And so the only solution, while we wait for regime change in America, will be for Iran to conduct quiet and peaceful diplomacy with its neighbors and with the Europeans, most of whom dislike Trump enormously.

He referred to US presidential election and added Trump will not fall in a coup, he will fail in an election, and that is still some way in the future. So in my admittedly unprofessional opinion, the best course for Iran right now is, as we say here, to be “the adult in the room” and to play well with others, while we all wait for the geopolitical factors to change. And change they will, sooner or later.


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