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Iran showcased newly-developed satellite 'Nahid 1'in the presence of journalists and the Information and Communication Technology Minister on Saturday.

The new home-made satellite had undergone final tests and would be prepared for launch soon.

Iran's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister reacted the rumor of failure in lunching 'Nahid 1' satellite, saying that the satellite is safe and settled in laboratory.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi wrote in his twitter account that the satellite has not been exploded and that reporters could come and watch it in the laboratory.

He had announced in July that 'Nahid 1' satellite is a telecommunication one by nature and is scheduled to be placed in an orbit 250 km far from the Earth.

Being capable of capturing images, the telecommunication satellite is also supposed to test moving solar cells in the Earth's orbit. It has said be it can be stayed in the orbit only for two and a half months.

Iran is pressing ahead with its space program despite sanctions imposed by the United States over accusations that the country uses satellite launches as a cover for its military-grade missiles and rockets.

Iran has repeatedly denied the accusations, saying it has nothing to hide in its missile program while insisting the satellite launches are intended for peaceful purposes like managing water resources and protecting the environment.


Nahid 1 home-made satellite
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