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U.S political science professor at Open University Edward Wastnidge underlines that Islamic Republic of Iran has every right to defend itself from hostile acts and nations.

In an exclusive interview with ILNA, he said “In my opinion, Iran ballistic missile programme is part of this defensive posture and should not be seen as threat. It is incredibly hypocritical for the Zionist regime to chide Iran for pursuing its legitimate right to self-defence, especially when it acts as an occupying power in places like the Golan Heights and the Palestinian Territories.”

Asked about U.S administration policy, he said that Donald Trump is pursuing a misguided, hopelessly naive foreign policy agenda – he has a very tenuous grasp of the realities of international relations.

“This is further compounded by the people that he has employed in his foreign policy team – people like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are war-mongers who support terrorist groups and seek regime change in Iran.”

Answering to question about the result of European efforts to maintain trade with Iran, he added “I think that the establishment of the SPV/INSTEX was a good idea in principle, but it came a bit late, and it is hard to say what its impact will be.”

“I’m hopeful that it will provide Europe and Iran, as well as other countries a means to circumvent US sanctions, but it needs full commitment from European nations to make it work,” Wastnidge said.

U.S political science professor pointed to U.S sanctions and said “The sanctions are likely to have a detrimental effect on the economy, not because of any Iranian weakness, but because of the dominance of the US in the global financial system.”

“Therefore the sanctions may have an effect on normal Iranian citizens, which is very unfortunate. However, I believe that Iran will show great nous and ingenuity when it comes to working around these efforts, as they have done in the past.”

He refers to recent tensions in Persian Gulf, added “I think that the US is doing this from a position of weakness, as it is no longer a key player in the region in a direct sense. Despite its continued military presence, it is becoming increasingly reliant on its allies in the region to do its bidding. Russia now has a far greater role and influence."


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