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The political professor at George Town university Ilhan Guldenberg believes that the maximum pressure on Iran has not responded.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, he said "On the other hand, Iran has been so patient and self-restrained and it has now come to an end and has decided to respond to US actions."

"We are far from diplomacy and this is disturbing."

He said that The United States is contributing charges against Iran, but there is really no global consensus on these allegations. On the other hand, China and Russia constantly support Iran and it makes it harder for the United States to act against Iran.

"The war with Iran is very dangerous. Bush at that time brought us into the war with Iraq, but Iran is far more difficult to contend with, Obama understood the issue and negotiated with Iran. Trump also realized this and wants to negotiate with Iran".

"The tension solution is  just diplomacy not war. Europe shows that want to save nuclear deal and try for that," political analyst added.


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