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The executive director and a principal research scientist at MIT's Center for International Studies John Tirman told ILNA news agency that US presence in the Persian Gulf is not necessary; but this presence can cause misunderstanding and miscalculation and ignite a war in the region.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, he added "The U.S Army and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) must know that any action can be very dangerous."

He refers to British recent actions toward Iran and said "England is a minor player, but the main cause of the current tensions is the US withdrawal from 2015 nuclear deal and U.S sanctions."

"Iran has shown that it will not give up in difficult circumstances."

Answering to question about Iran-US negotiation, Tirman said that U.S President is so hard to predict. Trump really doesn't want war; He's a trader.

"European wants to help Iran keep the deal alive. But European-American relations are old and it difficult to destroy. Europe seems to be waiting for the end of the Trump era."

The political analyst added "Iran must wait for a new president to step in and lift sanctions because destructive tension is unnecessary."

John Tirman is an American political theorist. Since 2004, Tirman has been executive director and principal research scientist at the MIT Center for International Studies. There he heads the Persian Gulf Initiative, which has conducted work on Iraq war mortality and U.S.-Iran relations, as well as other projects.


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