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A professor of political science and international relations at the University of California said to ILNA news agency that Washington's policy does not commit human rights whenever it comes to its rivals.

Speaking to ILNA political correspondent, he added “Washington constantly accused Iran of violating human rights, while, in my opinion, Saudi Arabia was the main accused of human rights abuses in recent years. But the United States does not care about this because it is talking about a friend of America, Saudi Arabia.”

“United States and the government of Donald Trump do not care about how sanctions and strict laws can affect the lives of ordinary people and children who are now more than ever given flood in Iran Need global help.”

Political analyst said “I believe that Trump will not make these decisions alone; He is heavily influenced by Netanyahu.”

He pointed to Trump recent decision about Iran and added “Trump's decisions are taking place at the moment and is very stupid. This decision complicates the situation and will block the way for any kind of dialogue and constructive engagement or other agreement between Iran and the United States.”

"Trump has repeatedly referred to Iranian missile tests to justify his actions, but I say that instead of worrying about Iran's missiles, Trump should be concerned about the widespread stockpiles of nuclear weapons in Israel," he said.


Ronnie Lipschwitz, professor of political science and international relations at the University of California. He has a lot of publications in this area. From the works of this university professor, we can refer to "global space policy", "the dreams of the cold war" and "global economy".


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