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Russia's ambassador to Iran warned about any mistake done by the transregional forces in the Persian Gulf.

Russia's ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan, considered the bilateral defense –security cooperation as the sign of authority and power of the two countries.

Stressing how effective would be such cooperation in preventing the foreigners' intervention in the region, the Russian envoy said that through such cooperation, the trans-regional forces understand that the defensive capabilities are too strong and any mistake will be answered by crushing response, Iran Press reported.

Talking about US efforts to create US-led maritime coalition in Persian Gulf, Hurmuz Strait, Dzhagaryan added "Although Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has discussed the issue at the recent news conference, I would like to explain further that the recent suggestion made by the Russian Federation is focused on the security consortium in the Persian Gulf."

The Top Russian diplomat went on to say that the proposed plan was introduced at the UN Security Council to the Persian Gulf states. He also highlighted that Russia has good and friendly ties and relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and its neighboring countries, calling the proposed plan as an invitation for dialogue and exchanging ideas.

The Russian envoy also emphasized that anything concerning the US-led maritime coalition has been faced by the Western country's opposition including Washington's allies and the US seems so far away from his aims. "Some of the countries do not want to be puppets of the US and we support such policy for it is a realistic one," said Dzhagaryan. The Russian envoy also concluded that the US military intervention in Syria is illegal and we have asked them to pull their forces out of the country.


Persian Gulf Levan Dzhagaryan Russia's ambassador to Iran
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