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Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said Iran closely follows the recent decisions of the Indian government regarding Jammu and Kashmir as well as the explanations provided by the Indian and Pakistani authorities about the recent developments.

Seyed Abbas Mousavi added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran expects India and Pakistan, as two of its regional friends, to take effective steps by peaceful means and dialogue in line with the regional interests," reported Iran Press.

Kashmir is located in the north of India and Pakistan, and both countries claim the territory, while a UN Security Council resolution emphasizes holding of a referendum to determine the situation in the region.

India’s Prime Minister revoked Jammu and Kashmir's special status on Monday, by revoking article 35A of the country's constitution.

In addition, the Indian government has put a number of Kashmiri leaders under house arrest.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan reacted to the revocation of Article 370, saying that India's action would destroy regional peace and security.

Many Indians outside of Jammu and Kashmir believe the dramatic changes this week are key to integrating India’s only Muslim-majority state with the rest of the country. But the high-handed manner in which the New Delhi government has acted does not bode well, especially given the rise of Hindu nationalism which critics argue Mr Modi and his Bharatiya Janata party have stoked.


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