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An expert on international affairs Morteza Makki said to ILNA news agency that UK maritime coalition with the US in the Persian Gulf is political and it dose not consider as military issue.

He said that recent comment of British Secretary of Defense indicate a shift in the policy of the new British government and reflect the differences in the views of the Boris Johnson government.

Britain joined the U.S. in forming an international mission to protect shipping through the Strait of Hormuz, the British government said on Monday, a decision that came after London struggled to build a European maritime coalition to safeguard ships in the region.

While the US is trying to form a coalition against Iran in the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf, Iran blames the US for rising tensions.

Speaking to ILNA correspondent, makki said “Britain is leaving EU so United States is the most significant non-Brexit foreign policy and UK prefers America's replacement in some its cooperation with European countries.”

British officials stressed that there was no change to London’s policy on Iran but joining the move to date of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 12-day-old government, according to Reuters.

Makki added that the United States is, in fact, the main alternative for UK in its free trade policy.

The political analyst said “The United States failed to attract its allies to form coalition So British cooperation can be a hope for Washington.”

It was last Wednesday that German top diplomat explicitly ruled out German participation in the US-led naval mission, after the US said it had made a formal request.

European affairs specialist believed that UK joins U.S coalition undermines talks on resolving oil tanker crisis between Iran and Britain.

Answering to question about the possibility of war erupting in the region, he added “American bomber departure from Qatar's al-Udeid base indicates U.S fear for consequences of any war with the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Iran has stressed that it is the main protector and guarantor of the security in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz and that the security arrangements in the region have to be shaped by the regional countries themselves.


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