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Iran is providing high safety standards for arrival and departure of foreign ships in the Persian Gulf, said the head of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization Mohammad Rastad.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, he said that the passage of ships in Iran's ports is normal, the statistics of transportation and volume of unloading cargo in ports are positive and many ships are unloading cargo at Imam Khomeini, Shahid Rajaee and other ports.

"Major part of ships movement in Iranian waters belongs to foreign fleet under the flags of various countries that enter our ports with full safety," he noted.

"The arrival and departure of foreign ships are provided with high standards in Iran, while high level of services is offered to companies and foreign countries fleet," he added.

"The maritime passage in Iran's territorial waters is currently normal and with Iran's strength in maritime security, hopefully, it would continue without any problems and nothing is threatening any fleet," he indicated.

"The unloading and loading of cargo during first four months of the current Iranian year (started March 21,2109) have increased, while the non-oil cargo loading and unloading increased 25 percent and the exports of non-oil goods have grown as well."

"The arrivals of ocean liners in Iran with more than 1,000 passengers has increased 3 percent during this time, compared to the same time last year (started March 21,2018) that indicate the movement of ships are normal and even more than previous year," he added.


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