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"I believe that INSTEX cannot make a difference for Iran and save Iran's economy," Political science professor said to ILNA news agency in an exclusive interview.

Professor at New Hampshire University Kurk Dorsey said "I believe that Europe is weak in its fight against the U.S. in order to properly implement the INSTEX and save Iran's economy."

"The willingness of companies to participate in this mechanism is not high, and on the other hand, Europe has a strong desire to establish trade relations with Iran and resolve tensions."

The Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) is a special-purpose vehicle (SPV) established in January 2019 by France, Germany and the United Kingdom to facilitate non-United States dollar trade with Iran.

He stressed that Europe is weak in dealing with America. Indeed, if other members of the organization join this mechanism, it would be hoped that this tool would help Iran's economy and become stronger.

"The INSTEX indicates only Europe's desire to save Iran's economic and economic ties. What the US opposes and is struggling to deal with it." political analyst added: Present tensions will be very dangerous if the color of the war takes place because Israel will enter this war and it will be a very dangerous war that will have many casualties and many logic. Even the possibility of war between religions is not far from the mind. .

Dorsey went on tensions between Iran and United States have mounted, adding "Holding  meeting of governors can show the positions of Europeans and cause them to work for action, and maybe it can turn off the tension between Iran and the United States a bit.

He stressed that the actual meeting of the Governors showed that Europe wanted to keep up, and, given U.S. positions, still believes in keeping this agreement alive.

"I must say that Trump administration continues to criticize John Kerry and Barack Obama in future summits, which indicates that Trump does not really have a problem with the Tehran government and his problem is still his hatred of Obama."

Dorsey said: Trump is still having difficulty with Obama's achievements. Now, each time he speaks about Iran, he also remembers John Kerry and Obama. This suggests that its policy towards Iran has been based on hatred of the previous government.







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