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A professor of international relations criticized U.S. sanctions against Iran government and said this policy represent an economic war.

Political science at Cambridge University Goni Yildiz said that what is clear is that U.S. president does not seek military conflict with Iran and this is the main difference between Trump and John Bolton. "Trump does not support John Bolton's warlike policies against Iran."

"On the other hand, Trump knows that the neighboring countries of Iran, such as Turkey and Iraq, do not accompany Trump in the war with Iran." Adding that Iraq and Turkey are hurting sanctions and the war between Iran and the United States and they want to resolve the crisis as quickly as possible through diplomacy.

Goni Yildiz said On the other hand, Iran has a strong army and volunteers in other countries that can count on forces in other countries in the war with the United States.

He points out that US sanctions against Iran represent an economic war. "Russia is a strong ally for Iran, and relations between Russia and Iran are a deterrent to attacking Iran."

International expert added that Trump should know that the war between Iran and the United States will be a big threat to the foreign policy of Trump and the US government. Trump should be more tactful to start war with Iran.

"Trump says of the willingness to negotiate with Iran, but there is no evidence that he really wants to negotiate with Iran. Trump will increase the pressure on Iran, which will close the path to diplomacy."

He reminded that Iran is still unwilling to negotiate and continues to play a significant role in Syria and the region and it is the reason of today meeting.



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