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IRGC unveiled ‘Sepehr 110’ tactical communications system for voice and data transmission in the presence of its Commander Major General Hossein Salami and other IRGC high ranking officials on Sunday.

Domestically designed and manufactured, ‘Sepehr 110’ tactical communications system is expected to enhance the mobility of command and control systems used by IRGC forces.

The system is meant to meet the communication needs of commanders at different strategic, operational, tactical and martial levels and in various defensive or offensive conditions as well as in crises and unexpected incidents.

Sepeher-110 can be mounted on various military equipment on the ground, in the sea, and in the air, particularly in offense operations and can work on different bandwidths to transmit voice, images, and data.

The Iranian system is also invulnerable to hacks, eavesdropping, radio jamming, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP).


Irgc new tactical communication
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