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Iranian president said that his country will increase its level of uranium enrichment after July 7 to whatever levels it needs.

"If the remaining signatories of the nuclear deal with world powers do not fulfill their promises, then the Arak nuclear reactor will return to its previous activities after July 7," Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday speaking at a cabinet meeting.

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Wednesday also said that Iran will comply with the nuclear deal to the extent that the European signatories fulfill their obligations.

The foreign minister said, "After Trump's withdrawal from the deal, we held a meeting at the ministerial level with the three European signatories, followed by two other meetings with the foreign ministers of all remaining members."

Eleven commitments were announced at the meetings, including Iran's right to sell its crude, return of the money to Iran, and foreign investments in Iran, he told reporters after the cabinet meeting, adding that the same day the commitments were agreed upon.

None of the commitments included any financial mechanism or Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX), Zarif said.

He said that the European signatories pledged to cover the loss originated from the US withdrawal for Iran.

If the INSTEX gets operational, it will be a prelude to the implementation of the 11 commitments.


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