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Former Iranian Ambassador to Libya and African affairs analyst, Jafar Ghanadbashi confirmed Iran has no strategy to use terrorist organizations against any country.

North African affairs expert said, "Recently a British newspaper published an article and claimed that Iran is setting up a network of terror cells in Africa to attack US. In this article "Daily Telegraph" also added terror network including Sudan, Chad, Ghana, Niger, Gambia and the Central African Republic but I have to say that Iran does not have a doctrine or strategy to use terrorist group or extremist against any state or country."

He added that this policy has been repeatedly mentioned as our human and Islamic red line.

“Iran is setting up a new terrorist infrastructure in Africa with the aim of attacking Western targets,” a senior Western security source claimed The Daily Telegraph. “It is all part of Tehran’s attempts to expand its terrorist operations across the globe.”

Former Iranian Ambassador to Libya said the issue of arming military forces in Iran at all times meant defense. "Somebody claimed that Iran organizes terrorist organizations and armed terror groups, but these allegations are only propaganda against Iran.

"I believe that Israel and the United States alongside the Arabs are working to create a new and powerful plot against Iran in Africa.


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