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Professor of political science and history at the University of Chicago Ronald Suny expressed concern about rising tensions between Iran and United States, and believes "In fact, Europe is also afraid of America."

Speaking to ILNA news agency, he said now the US has used its power and is preventing Europe from fulfilling its obligations to Iran. Europe cannot be cautious and take Iran in the current tensions.
"Therefore, they cannot help Iran and they are weak and I know Iran's pessimism towards Europe right".

U.S. professor added that U.S. president is afraid of the power of Iran, Russia and China, so he tries to weaken them. "I believe that the proximity of Trump and Netanyahu is the source of Trump's stupid decisions against Iran."

"Netanyahu has stubborn stances, and in many of Trump's decisions Iran is also involved. Therefore, we are seeing the irrational decisions of Trump, and I hope that these decisions will not be stupid. I see the future very dark and sad if the trump becomes president again," Suny believes.

He told about U.S. anti-Iran sanction to ILNA, "Continuing sanctions against Iran, block the mere possibility of diplomacy and the resolution of problems through negotiation, and has no justification; I will ban all parties from aggressive and timely reactions and demand restraint by the parties."

Ronald Grigor Suny is director of the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, the Charles Tilly Collegiate Professor of Social and Political History at the University of Michigan, and Emeritus Professor of political science and history at the University of Chicago.


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