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Iranian Foreign Minister in a message stressed that Iran has never left negotiation table, adding that B-team is plotting for war.

"Wanna know why those with proven record of detesting diplomacy are suddenly interested in talks?

Just read @AmbJohnBolton's 2017 recipe for destroying the #JCPOA:," Mohamad Javad Zarif wrote in his Twitter account.

He added: "Iran never left the negotiation table. #B_Team dragged the U.S. out, while plotting for war."

Earlier in a message, Zarif slammed Trump's dual standard as regard military-industrial complex saying B_Team under the support of US president is empowering it.

"@realDonaldTrump rightly deplores 'military-industrial complex' pushing U.S. to #ForeverWars," he said.

Zarif added: "But allowing #B_Team to trash diplomacy & abet war crimes—by milking despotic butchers via massive arms sales—achieves nothing but empowering that same complex."

"Time to #DrainTheSwamp?," he reiterated.


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