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Director of the Atlantic Security Council Center warned about increasing tension between United State and Iran and confirmed that Washington has fired a war with the withdrawal of Iran's deal.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Alex Ward US defense strategy said that for many years, the tension between Iran and the United States has raised concerns about the beginning of the war between the two countries.

"But now, with the withdrawal of America from the agreement and the imposition of severe sanctions against Iran, and after the Iranian attack on American drone, the concern about the possibility of this has been aggravated. The differences between Iran and the US are not new, but now these tensions are at its peak."

U.S president Donald Trump last week called off military strikes against Iran after the Iranians shot down the $100m (£78m) US navy RQ-4A Global Hawk on Thursday. Iran claims that the drone violated its airspace, which the US denies.

"The point is that the United States is not seeking a war with Iran," he added. Iran is also reluctant to engage in military conflict with the United States because the war is not in the interest of any of the parties," Alex Ward added.

He said that the reason for recent tensions is the Trump and the US government. I know that the United States has fired a war with the withdrawal of deal and by sanctions and afterwards a military presence in the Persian Gulf, and any action taken by Iran has actually reacted to these actions

"It seems that Trump and his associates have seriously disagreed with the start of the war with Iran. John Bolton speaks of a war-torn war with Iran, based on a systematic approach to war. It is clear that this is not the taste of U.S. president. Trump has a serious disagreement with his entourage about the start of the war with Iran.

International analyst stressed that the United States is aware of the importance of the Strait of Hormuz and knows that the Strait's security is necessary, so it does not want to make it difficult by making a false security decision, which means that there is a large amount of trade and transportation through it every day, therefore one of the factors preventing The military conflict between Iran and the United States is the significance of the Strait of Hormuz

"Within the United States, members of the Congress are opposed to criticism of the Trump decisions, and believe that Trump should return to an agreement and they oppose the start of the war and conflict with Iran, and have recently asked Trump to make any decision to attack any country with Congressional permission.

Alex Ward is an associate director in the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, where he works on US defense strategy, policy, and military affairs.

Before joining the Council, he worked at the Council on Foreign Relations, the US Department of State, and Northrop Grumman. He has written extensively in publications such as War on the Rocks, The Diplomat, US News and World Report, and Real Clear Defense among others.


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