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Arryl Lynn Greenberg, professor of international relations at Stanford University told ILNA news agency that overthrow of an American drone has increased the tension between the two countries; but both sides must be careful not to direct their current tensions to direct military conflict.

“This Iranian measure does not mean that they want a military clash with the United States, because the advanced drone and its presence around its waters were a sign of the American invasion of their waters and imagined a danger.” He added that on the other hand, the drone was unmanned, which means that the invasion against it should not be a pretext for the beginning of the war.

Tensions have escalated since the U.S. withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran last year and began a policy of "maximum pressure." Iran has since been hit by multiple rounds of sanctions. Tensions spiked this past week after Iran shot down an unmanned U.S. drone - an incident that nearly led to a U.S. military strike against Iran on Thursday evening.

Speaking to ILNA, Greenberg said that the war does not happen because this is not the first time that Iran has targeted a US drone in its airspace. Iran has already done this and at that time the Americans also realized that they should not engage in military conflicts with Iran.

“Politicians know that this event does not need to show a military response, since in this case many lives are at risk. I know that the overthrow of a drone is not a good pretext for war. You should not decide for a military conflict based on emotions.”

International expert believed, “Trump does not want a war. He knows that this cannot be the cause of the war, even he himself said if the plane was occupied, it would have been different. Trump got a lot of criticism when he issued an attack.”

“The Trump government should refrain from engaging in a military conflict with Iran, because this war is a disaster and is not in the interest of anyone, and only the lives of innocents in this terrible war are at stake.”


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