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Peter Westmacott, Former British Ambassador to the United States said that the best solution to reduce tensions and maintaining security in the world is to continue and maintain a nuclear deal with Iran.

"A year has passed from Trump's withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal and Trump administration imposed the toughest sanctions on Iran but Tehran was fully committed to it," he added.

Tehran stopped complying with some elements of the nuclear agreement (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)) in May, a year after the United States unilaterally withdrew from the deal.

Westmacott said that it was therefore natural for Iran to reduce its commitment to respond to these decisions. SoTehran's decision is an acceptable decision.

Former British ambassador believes, "there will be no good events if Iran withdrawal from this agreement."

The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) Today has emphasised that the Europeans must not expect any more extra time, and they must carry out their commitments under the JCPOA right now.

 Kamalvandi emphasised that Iran can easily increase its level of enrichment from the current 3.67 percent, and that all the conditions are right for Iran to further develop and speed up its civilian nuclear energy programme.

The European External Action Service (EEAS) said in a statement on Monday that the visit to Iran of EEAS Secretary General Helga Schmid is a token of the EU support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Secretary General Schmid also used this opportunity to reiterate the EU's continued commitment to the JCPOA which is key to increasing stability and security in the Middle East and a crucial element of the global Non-Proliferation Treaty,” the statement said.


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