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Professor of International Relations, Rajaram Panda said to ILNA news agency that Japanese Prime Minister has actually shown a willingness to reduce tensions between Iran and the United States and wants to work to solve the problems of Iran and the United States.

"I think the reason for the mediation of Japan is that they know that Iran is not like North Korea and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe doesnot want to repeat the failure of the North Korean talks." He said in an Exclusive interview.

Panda added: "Abe's visit to Iran is very important and can be an important step in reducing the tension between Iran and the United States. Abe's meeting with the Iranian leader is the first meeting in the past forty years ago, and according to today's tensions between Iran and the United States, Abe's most important meeting will be in Tehran."

"In my opinion, the success of Abe's visit and the Iranian authorities depends on the art of Abe's diplomacy and how successful he is in expressing the American side's suggestions and satisfying the Iranian leadership." "Abe must somehow revive the lost confidence of Iran's leaders in the United States," a Professor at Reitaku University confirmed.

He added that Abe strongly hopes that this meeting will have good achievements and can find a way to negotiate and diplomacy between Iran and the United States by making proposals from both sides and refrain from a military conflict between them, which is a catastrophic warfare.

"So he can reduce tension and resume import of oil from Iran," Panda said.

Rajaram Panda is a former Senior Fellow at IDSA, New Delhi, and until recently ICCR Chair Professor at Reitaku University. He is a leading Japan specialist from India. He has published 2 books (sole authoured), 4 co-edited books, contributed Chapter to 9 books, and over 65 research articles in professional journals in India, Japan, the US and England.


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