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"United States is serious about its threats. They said to Europe that if you chose Iran, saying goodbye to American trade," Political Journalist told.

Hugo Gurdon, editor of Washington Eximer talked with ILNA news agency about raising tensions between Iran and United States and said, "I do not see anything new in the tensions between Iran and the United States, for over forty years. In fact, Trump began to increase the threat and pressure on Iran when he came to work, and imposed sanctions on Iran.

"What is clear is the harm that these sanctions impose on a country's economy. The US government not only exerts pressure on the Iranian economy but wants the whole world to join this policy," he added. "But it is unacceptable to regard an Iranian nation that is proud of its history as an enemy and to raise these allegations against them".

Gurdon believe that Trump cannot accept defeat. On the other hand, US President believes in economic warfare and he does not seek military war with Iran. Therefore he adds pressure to Iran every moment.

"Trump knows what the consequences of this war are and he does not want to enter into a conflict with Iran."

Gurdon refereed to Japan Prime Minister's visit and said that Japan is a country that is determined to solve the Iranian-American problems and wants to use its relationship with Iran. Japan's prime minister is scheduled to speak with Iran's highest Iranian leader in order to convey the views of the United States, so Shinzo Abe meeting with the Iranian leader is important.

Hugo Gurdon is the editor-in-chief of the Washington Examiner. He is the former editor-in-chief of The Hill and previously served as an editor and reporter at the Daily Telegraph of London and the National Post of Canada. His writing has also appeared in such publications as the Wall Street Journal (Europe), Financial Times and The Guardian.


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