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Patrick Wintour, political journalist of guardian talked about tension between Iran and US and said,” US President Donald Trump is not seeking the war with Iran. He is actually struggling to be able to negotiate Iran, but it is not clear whether he can do it or not.”

“But, in fact, I think Trump's retreat from his previous principles, expressing that he wants to prevent a war with Iran. By exerting maximum economic pressure on Iran, the United States wants to make Tehran surrendered.”

Speaking to ILNA news agency, he added that but Iran has repeatedly shown that sanctions do not make them surrendered. Mohammad Javad Zarif has repeatedly stated that threats and sanctions on Iran do not work, and Iran's leader has emphasized Iran's failure to surrender to America.

Asked about Japan’s Prime Minster role in this regards, Wintour said that Abe trip to Tehran is actually an attempt to mediate between Iran and the United States. Abe seeks to meet with the Iranian leader and inform him about the trump message.

“Abe trip to Tehran is the first serious attempt to mediate between Iran and the United States, and the outcome of this visit will be very important,” Political Journalist said

He believes that Trump should return to nuclear deal. “The United States must fear the war with Iran; Iran has a strong army and missile technology such as drone, moreover US must refrain from waging war with Iran because it is a catastrophic event.”

Wintour said, “One of the main reasons for Europe's delay in fulfilling their obligations is their fear of a US response. On the other hand, America dominates by the dollar on the world market, which has led Europe to behave with caution.”

Patrick Wintour is a British journalist and the diplomatic editor of The Guardian. He was the political editor of The Guardian from 2006 to 2015 and was formerly the newspaper's chief political correspondent for two periods, from 1988 to 1996, and 2000 to 2006. In the intervening period he was the political editor of The Observer.





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