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"Tensions between Iran and America are increasing but most experts believe that the U.S. and Donald Trump's administration are not seeking war with Iran," USA Today correspondent told ILNA news agency in an exclusive interview.

Kim Hjelmgaard, the deputy foreign editor for USA Today added that Trump and his administration constantly say Iran is a threat, but they never publish any evidence in this regard.

"John Bolton US national security advisor making false information to Trump government and he wants to bring America into a catastrophic war," he said. "Bolton knows only a foreign policy; it is warfare."

Hjelmgaard added, "Bolton thinks Washington should decide for all worlds, but it is not true. Differences between Trump and Bolton have been naked now; Trump clearly stated that he was willing to negotiate with Iran and used Japan to mediate between Iran and United State."

Deputy foreign editor for USA Today believes that the main concern is that Trump's allegations make Iran's leaders angry." Any conflict between Iran and America is worrisome and can cause catastrophic events."

He added that war with Iran is a complete failure for the United States.

 Kim Hjelmgaard is London-based foreign affairs reporter for USA TODAY. Kim has traveled to and reported from more than 50 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He previously worked at the Wall Street Journal digital network.


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